Monday, January 31, 2011

chester and charlie

is the funniest
and biggest
dog you will
ever meet;
 and he reminds me of Clifford
because when he rolls
in the red georgia clay
he turns red...well, rather
here he is waiting
for his spot in front
of the fire!

and for his dinner,
i love olivia's face.
at little

he's a

looks none
too happy.... 
 there's CUTE


there's SPOILED!!!
the BIG

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a warm place to be

These are shots
I took at my best
friend's home....
my favorite time of the day.... love the rust of the tree

 I love the pottery vase the arrangement is in....

beautiful vase

I am in love with this yellow.... don't they look delicious!!

simple and elegant

makes me want to sit down and rest....

a little bit of florida outside..... isn't this sweet!

i can't believe these succulents are alive with all the snow and ice this winter....

gorgeous lamp my friend susan bought at an estate sale. perfect for this room

old and new together makes this home....

we had so much fun
visiting in Griffin
with Susan....
thanks as always
for the warmth of your home!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Weekend in Georgia

We are home;
it was a great time
with family.

The kids played,
and smiled,
and played

 and played some more....

(notice Isaac on the DSI in the background)

And there were these pretty girls;

and these....

and this one (isn't she beautiful?!)

we had so much fun eating,
and drinking,
and being

then, we piled
back into the car
and headed
south a few miles
to Griffin.

where I visited
my best friend

More pictures to come
from her house....
I always love being there
and she always
makes you feel welcome!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Road Trip

we will be traveling
to hampton, georgia
for a lewis family reunion;
not everyone will be there,
but those of us that are
will have a good time.

tomorrow evening
we will be visiting
with my best friend susan-

i am so excited!

pictures to come.....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things I Love

  1. this book
  2. this beach
  3. this tea
  4. this state
  5. these kind of trees
  6. this perfume
  7. this color of blue
  8. this cookware

    9.these little girls

     10.  my husband

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's Poem


Against the grey sky,
in the drizzle of an early morning rain,
your fiery red atop the branch
of a tall green pine,
warbling a song to your mate
who calls back to you from the thicket
of the mulberry brush,
I watch; I listen.

You are there every morning,
six mornings in a row,
looking, calling for her,
your lifetime mate.

I wonder if you've done this each day,
coming to this very same tree
while she gathers the berries;
you, stoic in your perch there,
watching in your puffed up way.                                                                                                      photo image source

You, persistent in stance,
consistent with presence,
relentless in song,
and I,
I sit still with awe.

© Laura Lewis Blischke ~ 2008

Saturday, January 15, 2011

All Things Trees

I could never
tire of seeing
a tree.....

Brookfield, Wisconsin in December 2010

Brookfield sunset

Driftwood Beach - Jekyll Island, Georgia


Jekyll Island, Georgia
North Carolina - Blue Ridge Parkway

North Carolina

Gettysburg in the Winter

Philadelphia in the Spring

Connesstee Falls, North Carolina
Wakulla Springs, Florida
Lake Michigan

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brookfield, Wisconsin