Sunday, March 13, 2011

one week until spring...

i just had to
take a break from the series
on our wedding to bring
you some photos about our
saturday afternoon.

i was so excited yesterday.
we (kate, karl, kate's friend harley and i)
went to the nursery!

we bought a milkweed plant,

a coleus plant,

a spearmint plant,

a tomato plant;

planted some dill seed,
a few other spring flowers,

and bought
a hummingbird feeder
and food
for the hummingbirds that
i am hoping will come!

the lillies are stemming green,

the amaryllis are cutting through
the dirt

and, as the sun settled down

i took some photos
of our dogwood tree
in full bloom out front

and of our bradford pear tree
out back. 

happy spring!!!!

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