Friday, June 3, 2011

june 3, 2011

school is out today
for the summer....
my second grader
will go to third grade


my fifth grader
will be in

how is that possible????

where have the years gone?

kate was four, olivia was in first grade

kate in kindergarten

no lost teeth yet on one, and the other has lost a few!

one of my favorite pics of the three girls.... olivia and kate
with sydney, their half sister.

still looks like a baby here, yes??!

olivia- first grade

olivia with maggie blue aka princess margaret as a baby

kate at age 5 and olivia at age 8 in FSU junior development

sisters.... may 2008, olivia age 7, kate age 5

just a couple months before turning 6!

my then 3rd grader

kate- first grade

kate - age 8, second grade

one of my favorites of olivia, age 9, and just out of 4th grade

olivia age 10, 5th grade

age 7, first dance recital

olivia 5th grade, NEHS reception

my FSU tennis girl.... all smiles

olivia, age 9 catching a stingray at jekyll island

kate- age 7, all i want is my two front teeth!!!

olivia's first USTA tournament win,
may 14, 2011
age 10 1/2

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