Thursday, August 9, 2012

far too long

It has been far too long
since my last posting.

I will hit a milestone
in a couple of days
and am very excited.

I don't think I have ever
been so excited about
a birthday!

It's shocking to me
to think about 50 years
on this earth;

all the experiences
I have been challenged
to, and all those that
have been mastered.

Speaking of birthdays,
my Grandma Lewis's
100th birthday would
have been yesterday!

Can you imagine 100 years?!

I am hopeful for another
50, although that would be
quite a feat wouldn't it?

What will I do?

I have no idea.
I have thought of this day
for so long, and have no
thought of how I will spend it.

I mean, how does one
spend such a birthday?
Should it be any different
than the others?

I do hope so!

And as long as my
children and husband,
my parents,
and maybe
a friend or so
are around,

I think
that will be just great.

I owe so many posts.

It has been nearly 2 months
since my last. I have many
pictures and stories to share,
so look for those about 
Olivia'snew horse, Jack;

our beach trip to Jekyll Island,
and perhaps
some of my birthday pictures.

Hope all is well in your world

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