Monday, November 24, 2014

Telling Her Story

As I begin this story, please note I wrote it as it was happening. Because I want to document it here, it will stay in the tense used at the time it was written.

Update 1- We are just over 7 weeks away from heading to Philadelphia for Olivia's first surgery. Next week is the first of a big week for her. Physical therapy continues as well as massage and electro-therapy to control pain. She will have her EKG and Pulmonary Function test this upcoming week and a visit with her spine doctor here to check her brace and any further progression of her curves.

Update 2-

Olivia began her pre-op tests this week. She continues to work with a physical therapist early mornings before school. She also began working with a therapist who will help to make her back muscles nice and supple and easy to maneuver for her surgeries. Her EKG came back with an area of concern so we will do a consult this week on Tuesday with a pediatric cardiologist. This will most likely lead to scheduling an echo cardiogram. We are hoping for a "normal variance". And yesterday we went to the hospital, a friend in tow, for her to have a pulmonary function test. Those results should be back on Monday but the initial indication is that it was a good test.

So we are moving along and getting closer to the surgery dates. Thank you all for the prayers and support we have received via encouraging words, donations, calls, and emails! We know prayer works!! And thank you all for ALL of those things! I will post another update again soon!!

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