Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MRI news

Update 4- 

Update- April 15, 2014- The MRI's came back good, meaning no sign of cause or complication. In our terms this is a great thing because the scoliosis she has is not because of something degenerative. Tests on her spinal chord were negative which is also good. No sign of complication clears her MRI's for surgeries! The pulmonary function test came back positive as well.

We are down to the last 2 sets of testing; her lab work and her echocardiogram. Olivia is pushing to finish up school by May 9th and get her exams done. SAT testing is this week, so labs will wait until Friday afternoon or next week. The echocardiogram is next Wednesday am at the hospital.

We ask for prayers for the echo testing. 2 previous EKG's came back with an area of concern, and this will be the last test to rule out those concerns and clear her for the surgeries.

Thank you all for continued love and support. We appreciate hearing from everyone. Feel free to share Olivia's story as we want all the prayers we can get for her as she heads to surgeries.

(the photo is Olivia and her sister sitting on some great old cars!)

Update 5-
Great news!!!

This has been big couple of weeks. ALL of Olivia's pre-tests are complete. AND, the one I had been really worried about was done as well on Wednesday morning.

A few weeks ago, Olivia had an EKG which came back abnormal with a diagnosis of RVH, right ventricular hypertrophy. The internet was not my friend in this case as it only made me worry more. We went in for a consult with her pediatric cardiologist, and he repeated the EKG believing it had been an error but it came out the same. So for the last couple weeks, I've been anxious and awaiting her echo cardiogram at the hospital. Wednesday was the day, and the results came back yesterday. She's all GOOD!!! NO signs of the RVH and all cleared for surgery! Right ventricular hypertrophy, the enlargement of the right ventricle, is considered to be one of the rare diseases of the heart. Unlike the left ventricle, which tends to overwork itself when it detects abnormalities, the right ventricle dilutes itself.

What a relief! We can all relax now and get ready the next two weeks for Olivia to finish up school and prepare to head to Philadelphia. I can't tell you how much it has mean to receive all the messages and texts of prayers and praise!

Another really cool thing I found out about that Olivia will get to utilize is the new EOS machine at Shriner's in Philadelphia. The EOS is a low dost X-ray machine that exposes kids to 1/10 the radiation of a regular X-ray machine. For those kids, like Olivia, who need multiple X-rays, this machine is more safe and amazing. And it is now at the hospital she is headed to!

We are all breathing again! Thanks for your love and support and for poking me to do these updates!!

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