Monday, December 1, 2014

One Week to Surgery

Update 6-
This time next Monday, Olivia will be in surgery at Shriner's in Philadelphia. This will be the first of two surgeries scheduled for her. This first surgery is scheduled to take about 6 hours. Olivia is anxious for this process to get started. She is hopeful that the increasing pain she has, will cease.

This last week we continued with physical therapy including bright and early this morning at 6:30 am. Her mind is focused on finishing school this week and getting her exams out of the way.

And because I can't remember if I posted this bit of news here, her echo cardiogram came back good. The issues they saw did not show up in the echo and we are thrilled about that. All of her Pre-op tests are done except some last minute X-rays that will be done Sunday at the hospital and then it begins.

I will probably not post an update again until we are in the hospital. Thank you all again for your many notes of encouragement and prayers. And thanks to the many who have supported us through this site. We appreciate it greatly and can't begin to tell you all how much it means.

Posting a recent pic of Olivia and I. One of my favorites! (sorry it's blurry)

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