Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Surgery Day

Update 7-

Today is surgery day! Olivia's day started very early with X-rays around 6:30. From there we went straight to the pre-op area where we met her surgeon and anesthesiologists and OR nurses.

We just received the first update that the surgery began about 30 minutes ago and she is stable. The first part of her surgery should be over and the tedious part has begun and will last several hours now.

We ask for prayers for the doctor, nurses and the anesthesiologists who are with her...



Update 8-
Happy Monday Evening! Olivia's surgery went well. The results are nothing short of amazing! Olivia is awake tonight and responding well. Today is the easy day as her pain medicines kick in quickly. Tomorrow she will stand for the first time with a straight upper spine. We've been told it will feel very weird to her. She has already complained of laying crooked when in fact her crooked is straight!!!

Another update tomorrow!

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