Monday, December 15, 2014

6 Month Post-Op

Update 19-

 November 6, 2014

We met with Dr. Samdani and his staff. Olivia and Kate both had IOS X-rays. Olivia looks great and has grown and inch since seeing him in July. He was so pleased with her progress. She will be able to go back to PE after Christmas as tolerable. He will see her in April for her nearly 1 year post surgery follow up!

Her sister Kate's scoliosis is in progression and will continue as she hits her growth spurt, undetermined at this time. She's in a Boston Brace and Dr. Samdani was pleased with the way it looks in her. However, because her main curve is high, the brace can't hold that from progressing. Her upper is now at 32.9 up from 26 in July and her lumbar is at 23 and change, up from 13 in July when he last saw scans of her. She too will need to be seen in April where a more concrete decision will be made regarding her. Dr, S is very concerned at this point and has mentioned that it is probable she will have to have surgery as well. At this time in his research he would not be able to perform the fusion less and needs to wait to see how her growth spurt will affect her spine. She too has grown an inch since September but her growth plates indicate her spurt has not begun as yet. He will not rule out a fusion less procedure for her though which is promising as his technology increases over the months.

So for now, we begin Kate's journey, and are grateful for Olivia's healing and progression in such a positive way. I forgot to mention, since she did not have to have her second surgery the curve in her lumbar spine remains. At surgery it had increased to 52 degrees, then reduced to 18 after surgery; to 13 in July, and now below 11!! We are so happy about this.

Again, thank you so much for all the continued prayers for Olivia and the many we receive for Kate as well. You all have been a real blessing to us.

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