Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day after Surgery

Update 9-  May 13

Good morning from Philadelphia! Olivia is doing well. Last night was a bit rough as she was awake a lot. She really wanted something to drink and was consistently asking to get up. Her blood pressure dropped pretty low and her respiration was too high, but this morning it has leveled out.

At 1 am she became insistent about drinking and was told not until 10 am or later. She won that battle at 7 am. She bugged the ICU nurse so much that they came to let her stand about 9:30. She was extremely brave. She did not cry, wince, moan in pain. She focused on breathing and getting up. The nurses continue to say her behavior is unusual given the surgery.

They've taken out her oxygen, and arterial line so down to 3 IVs now. She's also walked but I missed it as I went to get breakfast. They did not expect her to do this until later today or tomorrow. 

assisted walking

I'll post another update later or tomorrow. If she continues to do well, she will move from ICU today.

Thanks for all the messages, love, prayers, and support. Means so much!

Update 10-

Wednesday afternoon update- May 14

Olivia was moved from Pediatric ICU to her own room yesterday afternoon. She began walking and did really well. She felt a little unsteady and continues to feel "crooked". Straight feels crooked to her now. Totally understandable.

She finally was given jello to eat and it just turned her around. She felt enormously better before bed. And for the first time got several hours of uninterrupted sleep. Most nights we have been up nearly all night. She settled late, and was up a good bit, but from 5:00 am until nearly 9:30 she slept soundly.

Today has been much rougher. Her doctor told her the next couple of days would be. Her back drain has been an issue today and unfortunately the hope that it would come out today has been turned into a couple days. However just before this writing her morphine drip was removed and oral pain meds have begun. It's now her eating will be so important to keep her from getting sick.

We hope to hear tomorrow or Friday if she will be having the second surgery next week. We are all hoping now that the lower spine responds and there will not be a need for it.

The doctors, nurses and volunteers at Shriner's have been so amazing. And the outpouring of love from friends and family. We love hearing from you and appreciate your continued prayers, love, and support.

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