Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Beach and a Brace

Update 17-

June 27- update
It's been a busy last couple of weeks. But the best news for Olivia is that her incision has healed and she was able to go to the beach last weekend. Now, she couldn't swim but she did walk along the shore and dipped down into the water. She took a friend with her and I know she was happy to be outside. She was on the beach about an hour, maybe a little longer, but she really enjoyed it.

Today and this weekend, a friend is doing an event and offering some of her proceeds to help the costs surrounding her surgery. Olivia gets to model some clothes which she loves to do. Who doesn't love fashion!

We are just about 12 days out from heading to Philly for her first follow-up appointment. Hoping and believing it will be a good one.

On a side note, Olivia's sister also has scoliosis and has been placed in a Boston brace! Sadly, it seems the road for her too although unsure of what it will exactly be.

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