Thursday, December 11, 2014

2 Month Anniversary of Surgery

Update 18- 

Jul 12- Today is the 2 month anniversary of Olivia's spine surgery! We returned home from Philadelphia after seeing Olivia's surgeon for her follow up appointment at Shriner's Hospital. The report was great! The team at Shriner's said Olivia is a poster child for her surgery. Her lumbar spine continues to get straighter! She can now swim, and play putt-putt. Boogie-boarding is still on hold as well as starting to hit tennis balls but she can begin to do a few things now.

Her next X-rays will be done in early September here in Tallahassee and then will head back up to Philly in late October/early November. This visit her sister who is now in a back brace will be seen as well. As Olivia continues to heal, we face the future now with her sister.

Thank you, thank you, for continued love and prayers as well as support that continues for us as well!

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